Hat’s” refers to the family origins of the co-founders. “Hat’s” means “bread” in Armenian.

We started in 2005 with the creation of our first bakery as franchisees, then a second one in 2008. However, it was only in 2012 that the Hat’s brand was born, and it was no longer a franchise.

No, it’s a family-owned business. There are no franchises; all the bakeries belong to the co-founders.

At Hat’s, our key focus is craftsmanship and good taste. This involves artisanal working methods and the use of high-quality ingredients such as French flour made from French wheat, organic stone-ground flour, and local products.

Yes, at Hat’s (Bio), we offer gluten-free bread, rice flour-based bread, and our buckwheat bread. We also offer low-gluten einkorn wheat.

Our bakers regularly create products using rice flour, like our current offering, “KASSA.”

Yes, most of our bread is made with natural sourdough. Initially, it’s a mixture of flour, water, and honey that ferments for several days. Honey is not mandatory but it activates fermentation and imparts a slightly sweet taste.

We offer a complete catering service. You can create your own menu based on your preferences or choose from our various menus. It can be used for your events or gatherings with friends. Everything we offer is prepared in our laboratories by our cooks based on our bakery products. Find our catering options in the catering section.

You can order up to a maximum of 72 hours in advance, giving us time to organize with our teams.

We offer a wide selection of salads and sandwiches prepared fresh every day, with our recipes evolving with the seasons. Our cooks primarily use fresh and regional products.

Yes, we strive to use 100% local and 100% artisanal products, including working with Corsiglia for candied chestnuts and L’Estaque ham for our pizzetas. Our greengrocer also tries to deliver French or even regional products as much as possible.

Yes, our goal is to offer high-quality, low-sugar, and 100% homemade products. Whenever a recipe is established, we try to reduce the sugar content over time to limit it.

We use fair trade chocolate. The chocolate is sourced through the CACAO TRACE program, contributing to the improvement of the lives of cocoa producers.

Our pastries are prepared by our pastry chef, Jean Paul Vanroy, and his team of 21 pastry chefs in our laboratory located in Aubagne. A day team prepares and sets up, night pastry chefs finish the product, and in the morning, our delivery team delivers to all of our 10 stores.

Yes, we make all of our pastries, from creating our pie crusts to fruit purées, everything is done in an artisanal way. Our team of pastry chefs works day and night to supply all our stores. It is primarily a profession of passion and creativity; every day presents a new challenge.


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