From fresh products and made with love.

In order to offer you a gourmet and creative culinary service for each of your events, we pay close attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients. Indeed, in the context of local and sustainable development, we choose local products through short supply chains.

The success of your event is our priority, and Hat’s is at your service to explore the best options together. We offer gourmet boxes: charcuterie, cheese, fresh vegetables, and more! You can also find delicious boxes of 26 mini sandwiches with a choice of up to 2 varieties from our selection. We also provide three menu options (picnic, gourmet, healthy) to choose from based on your budget and the number of people. For any quote requests, please contact your Hat’s bakery directly!

Healthy Menu

29,00€ /per person
for 12 people or more

Avocado Toast
Stuffed Zucchini
Quinoa Salad
Salmon Poke Bowl
Cereal Cracker

Roasted Vegetable Millefeuille
Red Berry Cone
Eggless Custard Flan (without egg !)

Gourmet Menu

29,90€ / per person
for 30 people or more

2 kg of Puff Pastries (salmon, sausage, cheese, tapenade)
2 Cheese Pizzas, sliced for lunch
30 Mini Croque-Monsieur (ham and Emmental cheese)
30 Mini Tuna Niçoise Burgers (tuna, black olives, onion, egg, lettuce)
30 Mini Italian Burgers (tomato, mozzarella, pesto)
60 Mini Stuffed Zucchini à la Française
20 Asian Mini Bowls (mix of soy-marinated vegetables, rice, soy-marinated chicken)
20 Italian Salad Mini Bowls (mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil)
20 Nordic Mini Bowls (smoked salmon, parsley potatoes)
Cheese Platter (5 varieties) with an assortment of different breads (olives, plain, and sliced grapes)
Choice of Cake for 30 people

Picnic Menu

14,50€ /per person
for 30 people or more

Assortment of Pizzas, sliced for lunch (1 Cheese, 1 Mixed Bell Pepper and Emmental)

Round Quiches, sliced into 16 portions (1 Quiche Lorraine, 1 Goat Cheese and Spinach)

30 Mini Burgers: Niçoise Style

30 Mini Baguette Sandwiches: Ham, Butter, Emmental Cheese

30 Mini Burgers: Curry Sauce, Roasted Chicken, Lettuce

30 Mini Nutella Muffins

Please get in touch with the nearest bakery to order.

Please get in touch with the nearest bakery to order.


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