In search of new talents

Hat’s bakeries are constantly looking for new talents
to enrich their teams

SALES ADVISOR M/F – Full-time or Part-time

Selling our bread made from organic flours, our artisanal pastries, our savory delights, and sweet creations. Equipped with detailed talking points for our advisors, you will be responsible for making a sale to each customer. The versatility of our teams is essential for the smooth operation of the store. With your organizational skills and team spirit, you will easily assimilate our work methods.

BAKER M/F – Full-time Permanent Position

You will be responsible for the daily production of our bread in one of our 10 bakeries. Most of our bread is made from natural sourdough and 100% French organic flours. We are looking for experienced or inexperienced bakers who want to bring their passion to the heart of our company.

PASTRY CHEF M/F – Full-time Permanent Position

In direct collaboration with our Head Pastry Chef, you will ensure the production of our pastries and will be responsible for various tasks such as preparing and baking creams and assembling tarts.

So, if you want to join our Hat’s teams,
please send us your cover letter
along with your CV to


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